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New found Serenity Bathroom & Closet Remodeled

So here we see the before and after of a bath/closet that was mediocre and now is fit for the master. A small walk in closet doubled in size and a bathroom also expanded with a small addition. The original Bath was a good size with a double sink and a soaking tub. Then a door to the left with a shower and toilet that was in a small closet. The clothing closet was inside on the right but very tight for 2 people. This project started with a small addition to give the customer more space.

The before of the addition.

First phase of construction

The Frame

The seamless finished product.

Now we move onto the inside of the room. As you can see the difference in the space is quite big compared to the small addition added.

The existing vanity and tub. You can see the door on the left to the shower/ toilet closet.

The toilet on the left.

Shower to the right.

The existing closet.

From this awkward space we move to making the room more accessible for the customer. After adding the addition we took down the wall between the toilet room and main bath and also the wall between the existing bath and the new addition. We expanded the shower and turned it into a tiled full size area with seating. We added a larger vanity with stone counters, a new large soaking tub, new toilet and some custom wood pieces to finish the area.

We added a half wall to the

left for privacy.

On to the fixtures of this amazing bath.

The finished product. A custom built double vanity and soaking tub. Custom chair rail and moldings.

A shower for 2 with built in shelves and a seat on the left.

Beautiful tiles add a flare to this project.

A custom storage bench and pedestal shelves for the tub.

On to the last part of this project. A custom designed closet to give plenty of storage for any need.

A one way closet barely big enough for one to an L shaped closet with plenty of room for two!

The closet was finished with custom made shelving and matching dresser. The floors are matched to the existing floors in the master bed room.

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